Portable professional signal suppressor PIRANHA HAD-5

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The device is designed to counteract unauthorized UAV flights.


The principle of operation is to create a directional radio jammer with a narrow angle of action in selected frequency bands.
The effect of counteraction:
– Loss of control by the drone operator or significant difficulties in controlling the drone
– Loss of video signal from the drone
– Makes it impossible for drones to use geolocation systems
– Loss of telemetry readings from a drone
– This can lead to the drone falling, losing its orientation, interrupting the mission, and returning to the takeoff point prematurely.
– The use of the countermeasure system impairs or makes it impossible to pilot the Drone.
– The loss of the drone’s connection with geolocation systems makes it impossible for the drone’s autopilot to operate accurately enough or leads to its crash.

Reduced technical specifications:
– Maximum output power: 30/50W per channel
– Maximum number of simultaneously operating channels: 5
– Polarization of antennas: Vertical, horizontal

– Backpack with battery: up to 12 kg
– Shotguns: up to 5 kg
– Battery life of at least 30 minutes*.
– Degree of protection: IP55

*for 5 channels with 30W output power per channel


  • Output power up to 50W per channel
  • The generator is installed separately from the amplifier
  • Digital control
  • Amplifier temperature control
  • Control of the farm
  • Active controlled cooling 140mm fans: low noise, efficient cooling
  • High degree of protection IP55
  • High-quality directional antennas with a coverage angle of up to 35°. – The antenna feeder is made in the form of a shotgun.
  • Possibility to choose the necessary channels when ordering
  • Possibility to connect a remote control panel
  • Mounting on a tripod.
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Backpack and carrying bag. Pouches for carrying accessories.

The author of the invention / company: Piranha Tech LLC

Portable professional signal suppressor PIRANHA HAD-5

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