“SLK v1.0” sight

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An electronic sight for Sivalka MLRS systems that allows the operator to see the target in real time, as well as adjust the elevation angle and azimuth.

Automatic reticle calibration allows obtaining the best possible image without need of any manual adjustments

Mobile application allows seeing on the screen:

Point of the installation;
Azimuth of the installation;
Approximate point of impact
Power supply interface from the power bank;
Provides autonomous power supply of the device for a long time.

Protection class IP65 provides protection of the sight from moisture and dirt

Inventor / company: Electronics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (zsu-electronics.com)

1. Pricing. Compared to high-precision GNSS devices, e.g: https://gnss.com.ua/uk/product/kutomir-d/
the cost of the sight is much lower;
2. Provides the possibility of operational work of the Sivalka MLRS.

“SLK v1.0” sight

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