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Portable electronic means of countering unmanned aerial vehicles


An effective device for combating drones that can threaten military, civilian and critical infrastructure, which works by suppressing the control and navigation channels of UAVs, which leads to the neutralization and landing of enemy equipment. Portable, reliable, easy to use. Already tested by soldiers in the war, it has proven to be the most effective anti-drone rifle today in terms of price/quality ratio. Counteracts most commercial drones at a sufficient distance (distance ratio of 1 to 2, i.e., the effective range of the gun is half the distance of the drone to its control panel).


The UAV suppression radius is up to 1200 meters, depending on the location of the UAV operator’s seat.
Type of noise interference: “white noise”, normalized noise quality factor – 0.8.
The antenna gain ranges from 8 to 21 dB in accordance with the requirements of the design documentation.
The time required for efficient operation of the device after switching it on is no more than 0.5 seconds.
The battery is charged from an AC mains with a frequency of 50 Hz and a nominal voltage of 220 V with deviations from minus 15% to plus 10% according to DSTU 4177.
The power consumption of the charger in charging mode is no more than 150 W.
Battery life: 24V6Ah – from 20 minutes, 24V12Ah – from 40 minutes, total – from 1 hour.
The maximum permissible radiation levels in the Radio Frequency section do not exceed: in the working area of the devices – the levels specified in p. 4.5 DSTU, for the population – the levels specified in p. 1.3 DSN 239.
The level of radio interference created by the devices for the surrounding equipment and apparatus does not exceed the levels regulated by DSTU ETSI EN 300 440-2; DSTU EN 55014-1; DSTU IEC 61000-3-2; DSTU EN 61000-6-3; DSTU IEC 61000-2-4.
The device is resistant to electromagnetic fields in accordance with DSTU EN 55014-2; DSTU EN 61000-6-14.
Weight – up to 6 kg. with 24V6Ah battery
The dimensions are 765x335x100 mm.


Remote radio control: 433-434 MHz, 10 W
Remote radio control 860-930 MHz, 10 W
GPS navigation L2, L5 1150-1250 MHz, 10 W
GPS navigation L1 + Glonass 1550-1620 MHz, 20 W
Remote radio control and video transmission 2400-2500 MHz, 20 W
Remote radio control and video transmission 5700-5900 MHz, 20 W


Portability, speed of action, resistance to mechanical damage, battery charging indication, directionality of action, light weight.
The Quertus AD G-6+ rifle has been tested in the hottest spots of the frontline and is actively used in combat.
This rifle has already saved hundreds of lives of our defenders!

Inventor/company: Kvertus is a Ukrainian company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) defense systems, as well as electronic warfare and reconnaissance systems.


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