Rack (turret) for mounting a machine gun in a car body

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It is designed to mount the Browning M2 tool, but can be used as a basis for integrating various systems with a variety of mounts.

weight: about 55 kg depending on the version
top connection unit of the standard cone-cup type with the possibility of quick installation/removal
height to the muzzle of the machine gun – standard 1500 mm or other on request
rotation angle (outrigger and upper connection unit) – 360 degrees.
the ability to fix the angle of rotation of the breech and the angle of inclination of the machine gun in the cradle
basket under the box of the BC
the upper part for the M2 Browning can be quickly replaced with a mount for another machine gun – there are solutions for DKSh, PKM, etc.

The author of the invention / company: MR LLC https://machinegun.com.ua/


Thanks to telescopic legs, it is possible to change the height of the machine gun and the support area. With the help of cradles/adapters, it can be used with some other machine guns, such as M240, NSV(T), PKM(T), Maksim, etc. The rotating assembly is made in the form of a standard glass and a pintle element made on a high-precision machine from a pair of tin bronze/carbon steel, which ensures reliable operation and ease of quick installation/disassembly. The basket provides for convenient replacement of the betting box during operation. The interchangeable heels of the feet can be adapted to different types of ground – soft soil, roofing material, etc.

Rack (turret) for mounting a machine gun in a car body

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