Reconnaissance and strike robotic system MOROZ

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Multifunctional robotic complex.

The robotic system is capable of performing various tasks while the operator is in a safer place (trench, dugouts, buildings, etc.) at a distance of 2-4 km from the robot itself.

With a load of 300 kg in a trailer on a relief surface, it can withstand more than 3 hours of continuous operation (battery 180 ampere hours)
The diesel generator is needed to charge the battery, but the robotic system has a high autonomy in the security mode
After completing the tasks, the robot returns to the place where the diesel generator is located, while the generator can also be placed on the robotic complex itself
Equipped with a 10x zoom motion camera and thermal imaging scope


  • This complex can be used for various combat missions: assault, reconnaissance operations, facility protection, evacuation of the wounded, and cargo transportation.
  • the robotic complex can be equipped with various types of weapons
  • The powerful battery provides a long range and long battery life without moving.

Reconnaissance and strike robotic system MOROZ

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