Reconnaissance and surveillance fire system (BRP and RSVC)

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A robotic observation and firing system, the main component of which is a remote-controlled mobile platform and a strike module.


Load capacity: 150 kg
Minimum distance covered by the NRC on a single battery charge: 10 km
Maximum speed of movement of the mobile platform: 0.1-2 m/s
Adapted for use on any hard surface except bare ice
Overall dimensions (with trailer): 4700x2050x2300±10% mm
Control method: remote, command
Sighted firing range: 2000 м
Practical rate of fire: 80-100 rounds per minute.
It is equipped with a daytime motorized camera with a 2 megapixel sensor and 20x zoom, as well as a thermal imaging camera with a 640*480 resolution sensor and a 100 mm input lens, and a DDR function.


The complex is multifunctional and can perform the following tasks:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Assistance in rescue operations,
  • Fire support
  • It is suitable for installing various additional equipment.

The author of the invention / company: LLC “SPE “Ukrainian unmanned technologies”

Reconnaissance and surveillance fire system (BRP and RSVC)

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