Remotely operated tracked platform “Gnome”

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The Gnome tracked platform is a small-sized self-propelled remote-controlled tracked cart.


The Gnome remote-controlled tracked platform can perform several tasks:

– The first is logistical. A lightweight bulky body is mounted on the trolley, into which the B/C or necessary equipment is loaded and sent to the trenches on the line of fire. The total weight of the cargo is 120 kg. On the way back, if necessary, it can carry a lightly wounded soldier. To do this, the front side of the body is lowered and the rear side is tilted with a lock.a Gnome protects the lives of soldiers on the front line by replacing soldiers during combat missions to deliver MREs and vehicles directly to the trenches on the line of fire and evacuate the wounded from their positions. It can also perform tasks of laying anti-tank mines. Later, when equipped with a turret (machine gun “Tarantula” or automatic “Karakurt”), it can perform tasks of fire damage to the enemy and reconnaissance and surveillance.
– The second was the evacuation of a seriously wounded soldier. In this case, a medical stretcher with straps is attached to the trolley and sent to the wounded. There, he is placed on a stretcher, strapped in, and the trolley is sent to the place of medical care.
– The third is a sapper unit. A mine thrower for six anti-tank mines is mounted on the trolley. The mines are laid and the cart is sent to the mine site. After the mines are dropped, it returns to its position. In the future, when a turret is installed on the cart, it will be able to perform tasks of remote-controlled fire on the enemy, surveillance and reconnaissance.


– Weight:
– Platform – 130 kg
– Body weight – 30 kg
– Mine thrower – 37 kg



– Width – 840mm
– Length – 1100mm
– Height – 360mm.

– With a mine dumper / tailgate: Width – 840mm/840mm.
– Length – 1470mm/1100mm.
– Height – 570mm/ 970mm.


– On a flat road with a hard surface – 5 km/h
– Rough terrain – 3 km/h
– Radio communication range: open area – up to 2 km / rough terrain – up to 1.5 km.
– Range: 20 km on paved roads / 15 km off-road.
– Battery life without recharging is 5 hours, continuous battery life is 3 hours and 48 minutes.


Lightweight and compact dimensions. It is easy to manufacture and operate, which allows for scalable production. Unified in application (logistics, evacuation, mining) and allows further development in this direction

The systems and components of the Gnome platform have been tested in the laboratory. The prototype has been repeatedly tested at the brigade’s training ground in conditions close to combat as a logistics cart, a casualty evacuation vehicle and a remote robotic mine-laying vehicle. Currently, three Gnome carts are being tested in combat units at the front line.

Large-scale production of Gnome platforms and their delivery to the front line will allow replacing the personnel of units with the Gnome platform while performing combat missions:
– logistical
– evacuation of the wounded
– on mining.

Remotely operated tracked platform “Gnome”

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