Robotic bionic prosthesis

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For civilians and military who have lost a limb.

1. Electric motors in each finger.
2. The design is as similar to a natural hand as possible and in proportion (the production version will be made of carbon + aluminium)
3. An element that conveys to the patient the sensation of a cold and hot object.
4. Pressure sensors and vibration response.
5. Our fingers are modular, so if the patient, for example, has broken a finger, he can replace it himself, just order it on our website and we will send it via new mail. The sizes of the fingers are the same, the only difference is in the seat.
6. Automatic rotation of the wrist in two axes of 180 and 60 degrees, which is controlled by a neural network based on gyroscope and accelerometer data.
7. Proprietary software and neural network.
8. An application for muscle training.
9. An application for the phone.
10. Multiple sizes.
11. Own service centre based on the production site.
12. Our own 3D scanner for measuring the stump sleeve, which will be in every regional centre in the doctor’s office.
13. Development of our own sensitive sensors, no prosthesis in the world can read the signal of each finger from an amputated limb. This will allow you to play even the
16. Our experience with nfc-tag.
15. Display, high-capacity batteries, USB Type-C.
16. Three versions with different budgets and functionality.
17. More than 70 per cent of our components.
18. Quality/price and functionality of the prosthesis is better than all foreign competitors.
19. All development in Ukraine.

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Inventor / company: Development team: Borys Borysovych Holovko, Serhii Valeriyovych Tomuz, Yurii Vitaliyovych Pozhar

Motors in each finger;

Pressure sensors and vibration feedback;

Rotatable wrist in two axes of 180 and 60 degrees;

Multiple sizes (child, adult male);

3D scanner for measuring the residual limb;

The quality and price of the prosthesis is better than all foreign competitors.

Robotic bionic prosthesis

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