Scorpion-2 missile defense system

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Unmanned robotic system Scorpion-2 for fire support during defensive, offensive operations and combat reconnaissance missions.

For fire support and reconnaissance at the company-battalion level, for perimeter and border protection, offensive and defensive operations.

Scorpion 2 with 12.7 mm automatic turret.
A multifunctional drone on a tracked base weighing 750 kg.
Robot carrier for satellite robots.
Drone – a base point for aircraft (drones)y
Platform for installation of an automatic turret.
A tractor for cultivating agricultural land.


  • Provides fire maneuver.
  • It is used to reinforce a platoon (squad) with a machine gun/grenade launcher on a mobile platform.
  • Builds a more effective line of fire in the active defense of the company in the presence of three or more units of this equipment.

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Scorpion-2 missile defense system

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