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Strike UAV

The SHOOLIKA MK6 strike UAV combines high mobility, precision striking and ease of use.

Communication is 800 Mhz…5.9 Ghz.
The payload is up to 6.8 kg.
The camera is daytime/thermal.
The distance is from 5 to 7 km one way.
Controlled flight – 54 km/h.


  • High maneuverability and flight stability due to the multi-copter design, which allows to effectively perform combat missions in various conditions.
  • Reliable and immune to interference thanks to component quality, cable management and a secure control panel.
  • Adaptation to different payload systems, which provides the flexibility to use the drone for different tasks.
  • Ease of operation and rapid deployment, allowing operators with experience on other drones to learn to fly and perform combat missions in a short time.
  • A secure remote control with an extended frequency range for reliable communication and external antennas for working from cover.

The price is for a standard model, certain modifications are possible.

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