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Logistics platform, ground robotic complex


The Sirko-S1 takes military operations to a whole new level. The complex is multifunctional and helps our defenders with reconnaissance, surveillance, evacuation of the wounded, cargo transportation and even demining.


Dimensions: 1100*800*500 mm
Weight: 60 kg
Battery life is non-stop: 1 hour
Camera: thermal/daylight
Speed: 4.1 m/s
Operating range: 1000 m (5000 m with repeater)
Load capacity: 200 kg
Water resistant

Small-scale production (up to 10 units per month) has been established.


  • It has two cameras
  • By using non-standard frequencies for control and video transmission, it ensures safe and reliable communication between operators and the robot.
  • Not limited to one role and multifunctional invention.

Inventor / company: SkyLab UA


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