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A means for remote detonation of ammunition above the surface to increase the area of destruction

The device is triggered and initiates further detonation of the explosive device above the ground.
The system is equipped with an accidental triggering protection that protects soldiers during use.
It has a built-in self-diagnostic system before launch to eliminate the factor of malfunction during a combat mission.

Technical characteristics:
Trigger height 2-3 m above the ground.
The minimum drop height is 20 meters.
The maximum height is unlimited.
It is compatible with RGD-5, F-1 and NATO grenades, and can also be used with custom ammunition and 60mm mines (via a plastic thread adapter).
The weight of the product with shank fittings is 60 g.
The KD-8 detonator initiates the detonation.

Inventor / company: Unitsystems

It is safe for the soldier, as it eliminates accidental triggering, allows the drone to land safely with an armed munition, and allows for a drop from a height of up to 15 meters without triggering.

It does not require disassembly or conversion of the ammunition, but is screwed into the standard firing pin socket.

Increases the effectiveness of defeating the enemy when lying behind natural barriers, in trenches.

It allows you to hit the target even in the event of an inaccurate hit due to wind, pilot error, etc.

The tool is supplied with universal plastic fasteners and a joint stabilizer, and comes in a shockproof, impact-resistant package.

Packing of 10 pieces in a box. Individual adaptation of the triggering distance downward or other solutions are available for orders of 100 pcs.

Sky Deton

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