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A non-contact module for initiating detonation at a fixed height above the ground/distance from the target with electric detonation.


A non-contact fuze module for explosives, free-fall projectiles or kamikaze drones. The detonation is initiated by applying a predetermined power.

– It can work at different heights/distances: up to 3 m, 3-6 m, up to 10 m, up to 20-25 m.
– Due to its simple design, it is potentially compatible with any projectile (shape, size).
– Invulnerable to EW.


Non-contact fuzes increase the lethality of projectiles by allowing them to detonate near the target rather than relying solely on direct hits. This increases the likelihood of harming the target, especially if the target is moving or difficult to hit.

Increased effectiveness against multiple targets: unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with projectiles with contactless detonators can effectively hit multiple targets in a given area. The fuze detonates the warhead near each target, increasing the efficiency of the drone’s payload.

Improved hit probability: non-contact fuzes increase the probability of projectile impact by compensating for errors in range estimation or trajectory calculation. Even if the projectile misses the target by a little, the detonator can still detonate the warhead close enough to cause damage.


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