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A reconnaissance and strike system that provides reconnaissance and target destruction.

A reconnaissance and strike UAV system consisting of reconnaissance and bomber/kamikaze aircraft. The payload is 3 kg (high-explosive, thermobaric, cumulative warhead). The tactical range is 50 km (possibly more). The aircraft can be combined into a swarm of drones, which increases their effectiveness. Reconnaissance characteristics (2 modifications). Time in the air — up to 2 hours. Flight range — 100 km. Take-off weight — 3(8) kg.
Bomber: Take-off weight — 8-9 kg, range in bomber mode — up to 30 km, in guided kamikaze mode — up to 50 km. In autonomous kamikaze mode, up to 100 km. Readiness stage — ready for production.

Inventor / company: Dronov Mykhailo

The payload is up to 3kg within a 50km radius in both bomber and kamikaze mode. Reconnaissance aircraft have a route length of up to 135 km and a tactical range of 50 km or 140 km.


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240 000uah
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The ground part costs $6,000, the aircraft from $4,000 to $6,000 in basic equipment.

Investment amount
240 000 uah