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A reconnaissance and strike system.

The system provides reconnaissance and target destruction.

The system consists of scouts and bombers/kamikazes.
The payload is 3 kg (high-explosive, thermobaric, cumulative warhead).
The tactical range is 50 km (maybe more).
Aircraft can be combined into a swarm of drones, which increases their effectiveness.
Characteristics of the scout (2 modifications):
Air time – up to 2 hours.
The flight range is 100 km.
Takeoff weight is 3(8) kg.

A bomber:
Takeoff weight is 8-9 kg,
The range in bomber mode is up to 30 km.
In Kamikaze mode, the range is up to 50 km.
In the autonomous kamikaze mode, it can travel up to 100 km.
Ready for production.

The warhead is up to 3 kg within a radius of 50 km in both bomber and kamikaze mode. Reconnaissance aircraft have a route length of up to 135 km and a tactical range of 50 km or 140 km.

The author of the invention: Mikhail Dronov


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Fundraising amount
6 000$
What are we fundraising for?

The ground part costs $6,000, the aircraft from $4,000 to $6,000 in basic equipment.

Investment amount
6 000 $