Smoke grenade DG01

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Hand-held smoke grenades DG01 with a percussion fuse ZDG01. The fuse and grenade are issued to the soldier, who screws in the fuse himself before the mission. After completing the task, the soldier can unscrew the fuse again and bring the grenade to a safe state.

DG01 hand smoke grenades are designed for:

– setting up smoke screens by individual servicemen and small units to mask firing points, maneuver and evacuate servicemen in close combat, and to allow crews to exit various military equipment under enemy fire;
– blinding the enemy with aerosols;
– simulating the presence of troops, fires in military equipment, fortifications and other structures, etc;
– marking the position of ground units, orientation of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and firearms, determination of wind strength and direction, and can also be used in engineering barriers as a tension-acting signaling device.


– length from the upper edge of the fuse to the bottom of the smoke grenade body: 155±5 mm
– width from the body of the smoke grenade to the edge of the firing pin: 57±5 mm
– diameter of the smoke grenade body: 50±1
– weight of a loaded smoke grenade 0.6±0.1 kg
– smoke mixture ignition time not more than 3 seconds
– duration of intense smoke formation is at least 60 seconds
– length of the opaque aerosol curtain is at least 30 m
– operating temperature range ±50 °С

The guaranteed shelf life is in:
– warehouse conditions: 5 years
– in the field: 3 years

Variants of execution:
– DG01-IR: smoke color – black, the ability to mask from technical means of reconnaissance and weapons guidance in the infrared range
– DG01-B: smoke color is white

The main technical differences from existing smoke bombs are:

  • Instant ignition effect;
  • ease of use (ergonomics);
  • possibility of stretching for signaling use;
  • metal safe case;
  • the grenade is delivered in boxes separated from the fuse to prevent accidental triggering.

Accepted for supply to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Inventor / company: New Element LLC

Smoke grenade DG01

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