Soft tank

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Equipment for the mobile arrangement of field fuel and lubricant depots and other needs of the logistics and support forces.

Soft tanks can be used in military units of any profile where there is a need to store, transport or pump various types of liquids.

The purpose of the collection: to produce and send to the defenders soft tanks MR-4 – 2 pcs. and MR-50 – 1 pc.

Material: special rubber material based on a fabric cord
Blade thickness: 4-5 mm
Sizes: individual, depending on customer needs

Models of the invention:
MR-2 – 2 m³
MP-4 – 4 m³
MR-25 – 25 m³
MR-50 – 50 m³
MR-150 – 150 m³
MR-250 – 250 m³

The cost of the invention varies depending on the volume of the tank:
the smallest MR-2 – UAH 24,000
the most popular MR-50 – UAH 270,000.


  • The design feature gives the product maximum strength, elasticity and the ability to be used in any operating conditions.
  • The range of soft tanks may vary depending on the requirements and specifics of a particular customer.
  • The production of soft tanks is based on proprietary technology developed in the course of repeated experiments and technological tests, which allowed us to obtain maximum strength of the product, which can operate even in aggressive environments.
  • soft tanks can be used for storage, pumping and transportation of all types of fuels and lubricants, liquid fertilizers and other technical liquids.
    Due to the versatility of the rubber material, which is 4-5 mm thick, soft tanks can be repaired even in the field in the event of mechanical damage.

Soft tank

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