Specialized software TechEditor

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An environment for technical documentation and mathematical calculations in civil and military engineering.

TechEditor is used to prepare technical reports and explanatory notes that include analytical or numerical calculations
unpretentious software;

– runs on the Windows operating system;
– relatively small file size;
– There is a portable version;
– automatic calculations;
– work with units of measurement;
– high-quality text formatting;
– document templating;
– built-in engine for application development, etc.


The program is being tested in Ukraine, England, and Canada. It is used around the world, mainly by engineers in the construction and mechanical engineering industries

Dystlab’s digital solutions are distributed through subscription plans. The subscription allows you to receive updates and use technical support for a certain period of time. All materials received through the subscription remain with you forever. For exclusive access conditions, including special-purpose solutions (for the Armed Forces of Ukraine), please contact Dystlab by email: info@dystlab.com.

The author of the invention / company: https://dystlab.com

Specialized software TechEditor

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