System for resetting 3VOGa

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3VOGA Uni Dual 25-60mm

Combat missions. Reliable and easy attachment to the drone thanks to high-quality nylon Velcro.

The maximum load is 1500 g.
Wear-resistant micromotor with metal gearbox (torque 2 kg/cm).
The charging connector is Toure-C (5V, 2A).
Charging time is 15 minutes.
More than 200 triggers before full discharge.
The standby mode is more than 30 days.
Easy installation and rigid fixation of the bookmaker.
3VOGA Uni Dual 25-60mm
Double universal discount on Mavic 3.
Ammunition type – VOG-17, VOG-25, RGD-5, F1 and others (Ø25-60 mm)
Weight: 48 g.

Protection against false alarms and trouble-free operation even in conditions of powerful EW.

The author of the invention: Sergey Yakimenko

System for resetting 3VOGa

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