Drop system 3VOGa

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3VOGA Uni Dual 25-60mm
Secure and easy attachment to the drone thanks to high-quality nylon Velcro.

– Maximum load: 1500 г
– Wear-resistant micromotor with metal gearbox (torque 2 kg/cm)
– Charging connector: Touré-C (5V, 2A); Charging time: 15 min
– More than 200 triggers before full discharge
– Standby mode for over 30 days
– Easy installation and rigid fixation of the combat system

3VOGA Uni Dual 25-60mm
Double universal drop on Mavic 3
Type of ammunition: VOG-17, VOG-25, RGD-5, F1 and others (Ø25-60mm)
Weight: 48g

Inventor / company: Serhii Yakymenko

Protection against false alarms and trouble-free operation even in conditions of powerful EW.

Drop system 3VOGa

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