Tactical electric trolley

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It is used to evacuate the wounded and transport ammunition to combat positions, and additionally serves as a power bank.

The trolley with locking differentials using an electric motor is suitable for transporting loads of 250/500 kg in difficult terrain, for transporting the wounded, evacuating them in hard-to-reach places where a car cannot pass.

Maximum speed: 10 km/h
Charging time: 2 hours
Range with electric drive only: 20 km
Load capacity: 250/500 kg (depending on the required axle)

The size in the maximum unfolded state:
length: 2684 mm
height: 946 mm
width: 932 mm

The vehicle is equipped with a quick-release stretcher for transportation and evacuation of the wounded, as well as a trailer beam for a tow bar.

The author of the invention / company: “BikeBox” LLC


  • can be used as a trailer for motorcycles and cars, as well as interconnected to form a four-wheeled vehicle for cargo transportation
  • is modular, and its compact size allows it to be transported not only as a trailer, but also in the middle of road transport, pickups, vans, SUVs and trucks
  • can serve as a powerful power bank
  • control is carried out by means of a remote control for switching forward or reverse movement, has a gas hook, when pressed, the electric drive is activated, which allows one person to transport a load weighing up to 250 kg or one wounded person without excessive effort
  • a stretcher is installed on the trolley, which is fixed with a special fastener
  • is protected against moisture and dust, has universal cargo mounts and locking wheel differentials for off-road use
  • if necessary, you can install anti-puncture tires

Tactical electric trolley

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