Telescopic masts “Shoulders of Atlas”

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Telescopic mast for positioning various devices at working height and on various surfaces.


Telescopic mast for positioning various instruments on a variety of surfaces (using claws) and to a variety of textures such as poles, trees, corners of rooms with bombed-out roofs.

Characteristics on the example of 8.5m:

– Small dimensions (sufficient for transportation both in the cabin and in the trunk of a pickup truck) – 1300x250x250mm
– Light weight – 9.3 kg (despite the steel elements, without steel claws the mast weight is 8.3 kg)


  • Powder coating, provides camouflage and ease of folding/unfolding (less friction, less effort)
  • Telescopic legs (in combination with a movable part limiting the opening of the legs, they provide flexibility when installing in confined spaces or difficult terrain)
  • The asymmetrical mast foot prevents dirt from entering from below and prevents the telescopic system from jamming
  • Bubble level for precise vertical installation (plastic and liquid level tested at -18C)
  • Additional rigidity of the installed mast due to fixing the base with a cross
  • Reinforced legs with steel elements and square tubes
  • Minimized number of plastic parts (reduced exposure to low temperatures)
  • Limiter holes on each telescopic section for intuitive understanding of the maximum working length of the section
  • The eccentric clamps are selected according to the load, with more powerful clamps used on thicker pipes and parts with a larger thread (M8 instead of M6) on the thickest pipes
  • Stakes for stretch marks from a steel angle (much more stable in the ground compared to a steel circle)
  • The stretching stakes are attached to the cable via a chain and carabiner, which greatly simplifies the adjustment of the cable tension
  • Use of thin-walled duralumin pipes to reduce weight (for the smallest mast)
  • Use of stainless steel for claws to reduce the weight of the structure
  • The bottom and top of the mast are fitted with plugs to prevent the penetration of liquids or solid particles
  • Each mast part is easily replaced in case of damage

Used by Birds of Magyara, Adam, SBU, Black Zaporozhians, Kholodny Yar, Svoboda and others.

Telescopic masts “Shoulders of Atlas”

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