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Interference-resistant telemetry and video communication modules.


Resistance to electronic warfare stations
– FHSS in a wide spectrum,
– Multiple independent data streams,
– Flexible filtration system,
– Adaptive power management,
– Asynchronous uplink and downlink channels,
– Ability to work with sector antennas and antennas in different polarizations,
– Adaptation of the transmission speed to the conditions of use.

Application radius
– The T2V2 radio communication system has an operational range from 25 to 300 km.

– Adaptive power regulation mechanisms,
– Software and hardware algorithms that make it possible to flexibly adjust the operating parameters of subsystems in different interference modes.


The first iteration of the communication system successfully passed OAT (operational acceptance testing) under active radio warfare suppression. The first supply contracts are in the works.


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We are currently seeking funding to expand our R&D capabilities and ensure stable production (scaling up production capabilities), continue to improve technology and protect intellectual property, and certify and scale developments in NATO countries.

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