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A remote weapon control turret using AI to recognize manpower and destroy it.

– Quick and accurate capture and destruction of enemy manpower using AI.
– Protection for military strongholds against FPV and reconnaissance drones.
– Cover and distraction of enemy fire.

The cost of one complex: UAH 300,000

Functionality of the invention:
The TGP combat module is proposed to be used to increase the combat capabilities of mechanized units in the platoon link in defensive and offensive operations by modernizing existing and equipping the latest models of armored personnel carriers (BMP, APC) with the latest design of the combat module to perform the task of searching for, defeating detected targets using collective weapons in automatic (semi-automatic) mode.

– type of weapon: PKT, AK-47, AK-74, Grot and others
– cal: 7.62
– automatic detection of manpower: up to 1 km
– Target acquisition and tracking: up to 1 km
– Ballistics: hitting a 2×2 meter target at a distance of 1 km
– Stabilization: stabilization of the weapon and its alignment with the horizon
– remote control: up to 100 meters away via wire and network operation via Starlink
– additional equipment: thermal imager, manpower detection at night
– autonomy: 7 days without recharging
– maneuverability: capable of lifting weapons to a height of 30 centimeters for the possibility of digging and camouflage
– Weight: lightweight stationary module up to 35 kilograms. Module for placement on the BMP – 110 kg

The TGP hardware and software system is a combat module (turret) that includes:
– The parallel-kinetic structure with six degrees of freedom is based on the Hugh Stewart platform;
– system of combined sensors (orientation, acceleration)
– optoelectronic system for surveillance and weapon guidance, millimeter-wave radar station (not included in the scope of delivery);
– on-board computer;
– rocket and artillery weapons (MANPADS are not included in the scope of delivery);
– a car chassis for the BBM (not included in the scope of delivery).

Advantages over other combat modules:

  • “The TGP is placed in a trench 40-80 centimeters deep to camouflage it and protect it from artillery fragments and enemy fire. During combat operations, the TGP lifts the weapon 30 centimeters out of the trench, hits the enemy with fire and drops into the trench.
  • The TGP combat module moves in 3 planes (X, Y, Z) using an orientation sensor, which allows it to align the weapon with the horizon at a 30-degree tilt and correctly calculate the whiteness and simplifies its placement.
  • For the tasks of automatic search, detection, tracking, target selection, targeting, and targeting of rocket and artillery weapons, algorithms based on artificial intelligence are implemented. The TGP uses AI to automatically recognize manpower, determine the distance to the target, track it if it moves, calculate ballistics, and open fire on the enemy at the operator’s command.
  • The parallel-kinematic design with six degrees of freedom allows the combat module to have significantly smaller weight and dimensions, better dynamic and accuracy characteristics than traditional designs. The TGP combat module is small and lightweight, up to 35 kilograms.
  • It uses 6 linear drives to compensate for any deviations during automatic firing.
  • The complex is built on an open architecture, which allows adding a range of weapons and modernizing (improving) it for network use, as well as adding other sensors: acoustic, radar, thermal imaging.

Detection range tests: Test the turret’s ability to detect live targets at a specified distance of 900 meters.
Tests of shooting accuracy: Checking hits on a 1×2 meter tall target at a distance of 300 meters with an AK-47, 7.62 caliber
Stabilization tests: Checks the ability to level the weapon on the horizon in various conditions.
Remote control tests: Check the stability of the connection and the system’s response to commands at a maximum distance of 100 meters.
Autonomy tests: Check the system operation for 7 days without interruption.
Maneuverability tests: Checks the ability of the weapon to lift to a specified height and its stability on uneven surfaces.

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TGP combat module

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For the production and supply of three combat modules for the military.

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