Murena System

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An uninterrupted ammunition supply system for a machine gun.


The machine gun ammunition supply system refers to the systems of uninterrupted ammo belt supply for machine guns: -PKM (PC, Pecheneg, MG-1M) -FN MAG (M240, L7A2, Ksp 58) -FN Minimi (M249, PZD 556) -FN Minimi 7.62 -Fort 401 -MG 42 (MG 42/59, MG3, MG74) -UK vz 59

Features and equipment:

– Cordura backpack;
– Box (for 700 rounds);
– Sleeve (+\- 100 rounds depends on the length set by the operator);
– Cordura sleeve cover Mounting to a machine gun;
– Barrel holder for a backpack;
– Blank tape catcher;
– Warbelt made of corduroy;
– The weight of the empty System is 7.3;
– The weight of the equipped System is 27 kg.


  • Easy to maintain;
  • The reliability has been tested in combat conditions;
  • Discounts for the military;
  • Price=Quality ratio.

The system has been tested in combat conditions and proved to be user-friendly. Currently, Murena is helping to perform combat missions in all areas of combat operations in Ukraine.

Inventor/company: The Muren system was developed and manufactured in Kyiv. The team has a patent for the invention.

Murena System

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