Tracked platform B1S

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Robotic unmanned tracked platform.


To perform logistical and special transportation tasks for the movement of cargoes for various purposes in combat conditions (- logistical missions (supply of combat vehicles, evacuation of the wounded, offensive).


Speed of the platform with cargo (GNP):
– on paved roads: 6 km/h
– on rough terrain: 1 km/h

Radio communication range in open areas (line of sight):
– to the straightaway: 2 km
– via a repeater: 5 km

Radio communication range on rough terrain (hills, forest) or in industrial buildings:
– to the straightaway: 1.5 km
– via a repeater: 2.5 km

Power reserve (on a single charge):
– on paved roads: 10.7 km
– off-road: 8 km

The mass of the NRP:
– equipped: 250 kg
– full: 440 kg

– Payload capacity: 190 kg
– Towing weight: 150 kg

Time to deploy and prepare for use: 3 min
The time of the coagulation: 2 min


Available optical and electronic means
– daytime video camera
– infrared camera

Tracked platform B1S

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The cost
8 250 $
Investment amount
30 000 $