Trailer for evacuation of wounded

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A trailer for evacuating the wounded, designed to work in conjunction with off-road vehicles. ATVs, buggies, and jeeps.


The trolley is designed to ensure that a wounded person secured in a stretcher is transported to a stabilization point as comfortably as possible while moving over uneven terrain. Due to special technologies in the suspension, the trolley can move at high speed, over rough terrain, without turning over and maintaining a smooth ride.

The trolley can be used to transport a single wounded person, either attached to a special stretcher or accompanied by a paramedic. For the doctor, there are footrests and a handle for holding.


– Top speed: up to 110 km/h Load capacity: 300/500 kg (with a load of up to 300 kg, the suspension travel will be as comfortable as possible, with more weight the suspension can “punch”)
– Dimensions in the maximum unfolded state: length: 2850 mm height: 700 mm width: 1300 mm
– It is equipped with a quick-release stretcher for transportation and evacuation of the wounded.


  • can be used as a trailer for motorcycles and vehicles.
  • can be used to transport provisions and food. The special stretchers have a steel frame, so they are strong enough, the necessary load can be loaded directly into them, which adds convenience
  • Suspension and construction are designed to confidently overcome all bumps on the road, without the risk of overturning the trailer with a wounded person or cargo
  • the metal frame of the trolley has an ultra-high margin of safety, which, in case of emergency, can be loaded several times more than specified in the technical specifications
  • the trolley is universal, so it can be transported by any car with a towbar

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Trailer for evacuation of wounded

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