Turret for mounting a machine gun in a car

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Designed to fit the Browning M2 tool


Installation for mounting and using a machine gun. Ensures movement of the weapon in the horizontal and vertical planes. It allows for circular and sectoral fire.


The height to the muzzle of the machine gun is 1300-2100 mm.
Height adjustment of the machine gun for operator convenience from 1.6 m to 2.2 m.
Height adjustment of the chair to the operator’s needs.
The rotation angle is 360 degrees.


  • Basket for the betting box.
  • Fixation with cables when the car is moving.
  • There are clamps for the machine gun and turret swivel assembly when moving the vehicle.
  • Made of high quality 8 mm metal.

Inventor / company: “Fierce” power / PPS

Turret for mounting a machine gun in a car

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