UAV countermeasures system

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The system is designed to counter unauthorized flights of UAVs and civilian drones.


The principle of operation is to create directional radio interference over several frequency bands. The effect of counteraction:
– Loss of control by the drone operator or significant difficulties in controlling the drone
– Loss of video signal from the drone
– Makes it impossible for drones to use geolocation systems
– Loss of telemetry readings from a drone

This can lead to the drone falling, losing its orientation, interrupting the mission, and returning to the takeoff point prematurely. The use of the countermeasure system significantly impedes or makes it impossible for the drone operator to perform tasks. The loss of the drone’s connection with geolocation systems makes it impossible for the drone’s autopilot to operate accurately enough or leads to its crash.
The system can work both independently and in cooperation with the means of determining the direction to the target or the target coordinates. The system can automatically direct antennas and jam radio signals.

Radio jamming system
Main points:
– Simultaneously or selectively operates in the frequency bands listed below.
– External directional antennas.
– Total radio output power: up to 400W.
– No interference with neighboring frequency bands.
– VSWR – protection against damage to the antenna or RF cable.
– Overheating protection: 75 ̊C shutdown, 60 ̊C resume.
– Operating temperature from -20˚C to +40˚C.
– Humidity%-95%, without condensation.

– Total output power: up to 400 W
– Number and type of antennas: up to 8 directional antennas
– Antenna gain: at least 8dBi for low frequencies. At least 12dBi for high frequencies
– Type of generator: VCO+PLL/PLL
– Protection – VSWR, overheating
– Control: remote control in a protected shockproof case. Built-in PC with specialized software
– Power supply is internal: 24/28 V DC
– External power supply: 220V 50Hz AC
– Consumption: No more than 4 kW


The software allows:

– Mark the system location on the map in automatic (built-in GPS sensor) or manual mode
– Indicate the direction to the target relative to the RF direction finding system
– Control the direction of the antennas
– View system telemetry readings in real time
– Control the activation of radio jamming channels

The system can work with external systems for determining target coordinates or direction to the target.

Interaction options:
– Obtaining coordinates using the API of direction finding systems
– Receiving commands – instructions via the jamming system API.

Additional information
– The system can be additionally equipped with units for providing autonomous power supply, an inverter, etc.
– The means of placement and installation of the system elements can be agreed with the customer to adapt to the conditions of use.
– These images are provided for reference only and the appearance of the system may differ from them (color, location of antennas/connectors, etc.)

The author of the invention / company: Piranha Tech LLC

UAV countermeasures system

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