UAV Jupiter Hunter-2 (hybrid)

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A fixed-wing UAV that does not require a runway, which guarantees uninterrupted operation in geographically difficult terrain and densely populated areas.

The Jupiter Hunter-2 is an easy-to-operate and maintain UAV with high speed and long flight time. It can be used in tasks such as aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, forensics, aerial image acquisition and transmission, and cooperate with a ground control center.

Simple structure: modular design with a quick-load structure and short deployment time.
High efficiency: one flight can conduct a control patrol of a target within 100 km of the other side.
Steady posture: The pneumatics undergo rigorous wind tunnel testing, and the flight control uses an algorithm that ensures a stable posture and a stable and clear image.
Maximum payload: 20 kg.
Wingspan: 4500 mm.
Gasoline tank capacity: 27л.
Cruising speed: 70-120 km/h.
Top speed: 120 km/h.
Working height: < 4000 м.
Power system: Hybrid (battery + gasoline).
Number of channels: more than 120.


  • With 20 kg of payload, the flight lasts 3.5 hours over a range of 350 km.
  • With a 2 kg payload, the flight lasts 8 hours over a range of 800 km.
  • The radio control range is 150 km, with Starlink unlimited.
  • Thanks to the FHSS mode, the drone is not afraid of EW and jamming.
  • Night 2-axis thermal imaging camera Jupiter JT-140, 3 km laser rangefinder with 30x optical zoom.

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UAV Jupiter Hunter-2 (hybrid)

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