UAV Shulika scout

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A reconnaissance UAV with a secure control system and a powerful video transmission system.


– The wingspan is 1.5 meters.
– The flight range is 120 km.
– Online video – 40 km.
– The working height is 200-500 meters.
– The flight time is 80 minutes.
– Cruising speed is 120 km.
– Maximum speed – 220 km/h
– The course camera and the vertical camera are online.
– Recording video in 5k (40 minutes).
– The photo resolution is 5k.
– Resistance to strong winds – 20 m/s.
– Dust and moisture protection.


  • Ability to set a route or work on an inertial system.
  • One of the few UAVs that can operate in winter.
  • It differs from its analogues by its affordable price.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It has three online cameras.

Inventor / company: MILVUS GROUP LLC

UAV Shulika scout

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