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The SHULIKA UAV is a bird of prey or kamikaze drone designed to meet the individual needs of the military with a trailed firing unit.

Type: flying wing.
Engine: electric.
Maximum takeoff weight: 6.5 kg
Operational radius: up to 30 km.
Flight time: 30 min.
Cruising speed: 120 km/h.
Top speed: over 220 km/h.
Practical ceiling: 4000 м.
Weight of the warhead: up to 2 kg.
One complex consists of: UAV (5 pcs.), ground control station (1 pc.), launch system (1 pc.), FPV goggles.


  • Pilot training.
  • Secure video communication.
  • Secure control system.
  • Production capacity is up to 100 units per month.
  • In-house development of a powerful catapult.
  • The payload can be increased up to 2.5 kg.

Inventor / company: MILVUS GROUP LLC


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