BAK “Khrushch” tactical barrage munition

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The Khrushchev BpAK complex is ideal for special operations both on the front line and behind enemy lines.


The Khrushchev will provide units with massive and relatively cheap high-precision weapons to solve the main tasks of fire destruction at the operational and tactical levels (20-50 km from the front line) in the face of enemy electronic warfare.

The UAV’s range allows it to engage targets near the line of defense (5-7 km) with increased danger to pilots or as a backup means of fire support from deep inside positions at the tactical level, as well as targets in the operational depth of enemy positions (up to 50 km, using a repeater).

The complex consists of:
– Kamikaze drone (UAV)
– Repeater drone
– Ground control station


– hand-held launch – unique for airplane-type drones with a flight range of more than 20 km
– the possibility of relatively quick replacement of any components with alternative ones
– use of AI-based machine vision on board to capture the target and bring the drone to the target afterwards – to overcome the problem of radio range and/or EW protection
– 3 levels of safety for the pilot – check, platoon timer, charge on/off from the remote control
– In-house developed initiation board – no wires or springs for detonation
– time to assemble the drone from the transport case – up to 2 minutes
– support for various warheads – both in-house developed and standard warheads from various types of weapons (RPG charges, thermobar, vogues, etc.)

– compactness: folded – 500 x 300 x 200 mm, assembled and ready to go, the repeater can be carried with one hand on the run
– easy decomposition (up to 2 minutes)
– the ability to switch to available video communication channels from the ground station
– the ability to use 5.8 GHz video channels as an analyzer.

– possibility of synchronous hot-switching within the 5.8 band using ground station-aircraft or repeater-aircraft schemes
– different configurations of video reception:
a) reception from the repeater and the aircraft on 1.2 different channels
b) reception from the aircraft according to 5.8
– the ability to install any JR module that has a standard 5-pin interface


– low cost per kilogram of payload per flight kilometer
– launching a drone “offhand”
– support for different variants of the BC
– made of commercial components (not dual-purpose)
– high configurability for almost any alternative components
– Initiation fee for in-house development
– three levels of safety for the pilot
– computer vision for last-mile guidance
– local production of the fuselage and wing
– multifunctional EW-resistant and compact rapid deployment repeater based on a proprietary quadcopter for signal amplification up to 50 km with the ability to switch to available video channels and operate as a RER for analyzing 5.8 GHz video channels

BAK “Khrushch” tactical barrage munition

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