UAV strike system

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The UAV system is ideal for special operations both on the front line and behind enemy lines.

The system consists of a control panel, a carrier drone and a kamikaze drone. Depending on the target, the type of charge mounted on the kamikaze drone is selected: 82mm high-explosive fragmentation mine, PG-7VL cumulative charge, TBG-7V thermobaric charge.

Operation principle: The carrier drone picks up a kamikaze drone with a cumulative charge as it approaches the target; the kamikaze drone disconnects from the carrier drone and destroys the target.
The radius of operation is 8-10 km. The payload is 3.5 kg. The drone carrier contains a repeater, 2 guide antennas, a separate module for DJI mavic3 and a frame for mounting the kamikaze drone

• There is an urgent need for modern means of warfare on the contact line;
• TARGETTING is a combination of reconnaissance, planning, employment of munitions and evaluation of their results, which allows to hit the required target (object) with sufficient munitions at the right time;
• The adversary has a significant number of objects (targets) to be defeated with the available intelligence, its assessment and means of destruction. The process of targeting determines the benefits gained compared to the costs of defeating them in order to determine the targets that must be defeated to achieve the purpose of the of the special operation. The process is dynamic and must respond to changing circumstances.

Inventor / company: Olesiuk Oleksii

Maximum load: 1500 g
Protection against false alarms and trouble-free operation even in high-powered EMP conditions;
Wear-resistant micromotor with metal gearbox (torque 2 kg/cm);
Charging connector: Type-C (5V, 2A);
Charging time: 15 min;
More than 200 triggers before full discharge;
Standby mode for over 30 days;
Easy installation and tight fixation of the combat kit;
Reliable and easy attachment to the drone thanks to high-quality nylon Velcro.

UAV strike system

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400 000 uah