Unmanned aerial vehicle “Khrushch”

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The Khrushch BpAK complex is ideal for special operations both on the front line and behind enemy lines.

The system consists of a control panel, a carrier drone, and a kamikaze drone. The carrier drone carries a kamikaze drone with a cumulative charge. As it approaches the target, the kamikaze drone disconnects from the carrier drone and destroys the target.

The payload is 3.5 kg.
Components of the drone: transponder, kamikaze drone, ground station
The maximum load of the BC is 1.5-5 kg.
The radius of operation is 10-20 km.

Depending on the target, the type of charge that is attached to the kamikaze drone is selected:
– MOC (combined charge, cumulative and fragmentation effect)
– PG-7VL Cumulative charge
– TBG-7B Thermobaric charge.

Minimum equipment of the complex:
– 1 – control station
– 1 – repeater
– 10 – FPV boards


  • Protection against false alarms.
  • Trouble-free operation in the face of powerful EWR.
  • High speed of deployment (3-5 minutes)
  • Mobility of the combat group, its small size (4 people: commander, driver, operator, assistant operator – the last two are enough for the combat operation of the complex on site)
  • Launching a kamikaze drone by hand, safety of working with the RF for the operator
  • Support for 3 warhead variants for solving various combat missions
  • Easy production – easy and cheap scaling

The Khrushch strike aircraft system meets the need for modern means of warfare on the demarcation line. The drone meets the dynamic conditions of combat. And with the available intelligence, it allows to destroy the necessary targets.

Unmanned aerial vehicle “Khrushch”

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