Video camera thermal imaging camera swivel device

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Radio-controlled field rotary device for video cameras and thermal imagers for the front line


High-precision remote rotary device.


– Two axes of rotation.
– Displaying the azimuth of rotation on the remote control.
– Automatic horizontal scanning modes of 45, 90 or 180 degrees.
– Powered by lithium-ion batteries.
– The range of wireless control from the remote control is 800m.
– Standard 1/4 photographic equipment mounting thread.
-The duration of operation from two batteries in manual intermittent mode is 2 days. Automatic continuous scanning mode for 12 hours.
– USB-type-C charging ports


– Wireless control, high positioning accuracy, tripod mounting or flat surface placement, azimuth angle display, energy saving, housing parts are printed on a 3D printer.

Video camera thermal imaging camera swivel device

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