Woody 10″

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Medium-duty FPV drone for delivery of cargo weighing up to 4 kg.


Woody 10″ is a medium-duty FPV drone designed for one-time delivery of cargo weighing up to 4 kg. Working load 3 – 3.5 kg. The drone is not intended for multiple use. The drone’s supporting frame is made of plywood, which ensures low frame cost and fast manufacturing. The frame design is designed to withstand weight, vibrations, and overloads when flying a drone with the specified weight. The frame material is impregnated with a moisture-resistant impregnation that protects it from the effects of weather conditions during storage and transportation.


– Height with antenna: 210 mm
– Height without antenna: 130 mm
– Width (with propellers): 560 mm
– Width (without propellers): 345 mm
– Length (with propellers): 560 mm
– Drone weight without battery: 0.96 kg
– Maximum takeoff weight: 6.16 kg
– Maximum load: 4 kg
– Control communication frequency*: 915 MHz
– Video communication**: 5800 MHz
– Camera type: analog
– Number of engines: 4 pcs.
– Capacity: 900 kV
– Flight range***: 10 km
– Discharge system: present

* The control communication frequency may vary according to the firmware of the communication module.
** video communication frequency may vary depending on the installed video communication module
*** The flight range is determined by the type and capacity of the installed battery. This value is based on an 8400 mAh battery.

The author of the invention / company: https://www.remoteguardsolutions.com

Woody 10″

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