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Mobile tire service complex

A unique tire changer that allows you to work with both truck (14″-26″) and passenger (10″-24″) wheels. The container contains everything you need for fast and high-quality wheel maintenance.

The workshop has two separate power sources – a 12 kW diesel generator and the ability to connect to an external 220V/380V power grid.
The complex is equipped with a beam crane for lifting wheels with a lifting capacity of >1000 kg, its boom can extend beyond the container by about 1.5 meters.
A specially equipped container contains a multifunctional tire changer that can “change” almost all wheels for automotive wheeled vehicles. – There is also a wheel balancing machine with wheel lifting accessories, as well as all the accessories: pneumatic and hydraulic jacks, a pneumatic wrench, a booster, heads and stands.
The pneumatic tool is powered by a powerful pneumatic reciprocating compressor with a belt drive, a 200-liter receiver volume and a 510-liter/min capacity.
The mobile tire service complex is equipped with mechanical tools to meet the needs and characteristics of the equipment to be serviced. These include ball-end wrenches for wheels, a set of open-end wrenches, impact wrenches, sockets, and a large combined tool set of 150 pieces.
The set of consumables allows you to repair wheels of any level of complexity. It includes about 50 items from patches and weights to a powerful 25,000 rpm grinder.
The set includes the following jacks: a 32-ton bottle jack and a 50-ton heavy-duty pneumatic bottle jack.
The container is transported on a standard trailer for a 10-foot sea container. It can be quickly loaded onto a tractor or trailer platform and delivered to where it is needed.


  • Autonomy
  • Functionality
  • Mobility

Special properties:

The workshop is equipped with a universal electrical panel with convenient power supply control. The container body is equipped with technological openings for exhaust gases. There are both hand tools and pneumatic tools, mechanical wrenches for dismantling and a full range of consumables.

Inventor / company: Locker


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