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The box is mounted on the standard mount of almost all FN Mag machine guns (more popularly known as M240) and machine guns manufactured under license in other countries, except for some special modifications.


The box is mounted on the standard mount of almost all machine guns of the FN Mag family (more popularly known as M240) and machine guns manufactured under license in other countries (except for some special modifications). NATO countries do not offer a single option for equipping these machine guns with a box.


– Machine guns: FN Mag; M240; Ksp 58; L7A2. (there are special versions to which the box does not fit)
– Capacity is nominal: 100 rounds of ammunition
– Dimensions: 175x175x75 mm
– Empty weight: 700g +-5% (weight is without tape, tape is not included)
– Coating: powder coating, default color “Olive” (other colors are available on request)
– Material: structural sheet steel, 65G steel


Retail: 2300 UAH/piece
Party (multiples of 16 pcs): 2000 UAH/piece
When ordering from 48 pcs (multiples of 16 pcs), it is calculated separately at the time of ordering


  • The box is a unique product with no alternative, namely the only rigid box with a sufficient volume of the bolt carrier that can be mounted directly on the machine gun (without the use of adapters) for FN Mag machine guns and machine guns manufactured under license in other countries. NATO countries have different, not mass-produced, solutions that are either small or soft, or offer an adapter for attaching a box for storing BCs, which is not a convenient option and cannot be unified.
  • The box has the shape of a polyhedron shifted towards the axis of the machine gun, which allows the center of gravity to be shifted closer to the line of fire. This eliminates the disadvantage of all machine guns with a side-mounted box, namely, a decrease in accuracy due to significant lateral recoil caused by the shift of the overall center of gravity when using boxes with a large BC. This solution was previously tested at landfills and proved to be effective.
  • As a result of several modifications, the box has received several design improvements for greater reliability and convenience, namely: a fastening mechanism without moving parts, unlike previous versions; a mechanism for opening the box lid for recharging with side buttons to allow you to charge the tape on top of the box and continue working if necessary;
  • The feeding of the tape from our box is very stable and, if the tape is properly laid, almost eliminates the occurrence of a “wedge”, which is a common occurrence for this type of machine gun, especially when feeding the tape from the ground.
  • This box received many compliments and was highly appreciated by users who had experience with these machine guns before they were put into service with our troops.
  • All nodes have been worked out in detail and tested in practice. The box is constantly being improved and changed based on the wishes and suggestions of the soldiers. Now the M240 boxes are in their 3rd generation and there are already developments for the 4th.

Box M240 100

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