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Universal load discharge system.


Carrier is a universal cargo drop system for copters built on a modular concept and allows you to drop both one and two loads. Supports various copters.


– Supported copters: DJI Mavic 3, Autel EVO II.
– Supported projectiles: Different diameters due to removable guides. The set includes 33mm, 42mm, and 56mm. Other diameters can be produced on request.
– Maximum charge weight: 1.5 kg.
– Dimensions of the main device: 50x92x36 mm.
– Weight of the main device: 85-105 (depending on the model).
– Capacity of the built-in battery: 320 mAh.
– Autonomy: up to 30 days in standby mode; several days in combat mode.
– The system is available in two types: for one and two supplies.
– Autonomous power supply.
– Long battery life.
– Interchangeable guides for different diameters of stock.
– Can be triggered by an external photo trigger.
– Support for CRSF and ELRS protocols.
– Configurability.


  • Modularity. The team of inventors offers two basic models – Carrier 1 (carries one shell) and Carrier 2 (carries two shells). You can choose adapters for different copters (DJI Mavic 3 or Autel EVO II) and adapters for projectiles of different diameters (33 mm, 42 mm, 56 mm). This modularity makes it possible to quickly change the type of projectile or copter used, increases maintainability and reduces overall costs due to its versatility.
  • Security. The Carrier is equipped with numerous security measures, including a projectile mounting system with seals, a software fuse, protection against unauthorized access to firmware, and camouflage paint to provide light camouflage.
  • Reliability. The team has carefully designed the mounts and adapters for the copters, and we use special spring-loaded closures to prevent damage due to incorrect charging. Each product undergoes sensor and servo calibration to ensure reliability and stability during operation.

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