Vidmak mini-MRLS

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A prototype of the Vidmak mini-MRLS on support legs.
The launchers and main ammunition are launch tubes and standard 122 mm calibre ammunition from the BM21 Grad.

Military tests of the prototype were carried out in a combat zone against real targets in the interests of platoon- and company-level structural units.
The targets were buildings and structures of enemy infrastructure and field troops. A total of 45 9m22u missiles were fired.
All planned targets were hit.
Each target was processed by a sequential launch of 2 to 8 missiles at intervals of 2-5 seconds.
Firing distances ranged from 8.4 to 17.7 km.
Attempts were made to correct with the help of wing-type UAVs, but video recording was only possible in one case due to the loss of 2 drones and bad weather conditions.
The fire protection systems include 4 videos of missile launches at 3 separate targets (4 missiles on target – video 1, 5 missiles on target – video 2, 2 missiles on target – video 3) + 1 video of 2 missiles hitting the target from a UAV (video 4).
The dispersion when firing is within 50-100 m.
The recoil during missile descent is minimal and is dampened by the hinges of the supports, the design of the prototype ensures maximum rigidity, which generally had a positive impact on the accuracy of the hit.
In general, in combat conditions, the deployment and preparation for firing of the prototype took 5 to 6 minutes, and the deployment and start of the departure from the position took 50 seconds to 100 seconds.
Launching missiles from a push-button remote control and rolling and deploying a 50m cable reduced overall reliability due to broken connections and malfunctioning remote control buttons.

Inventor / company: Puhach Serhii Andriiovych, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier, in peacetime chief engineer of Future Technologies LLC

The general concept of the Vidmak mini-MRLS, its design and the design and technical solutions incorporated into it ensure the predictable effectiveness of the combat use of the mini-MRLS as a highly mobile and easy-to-operate platoon-battalion-level fire support vehicle.

Vidmak mini-MRLS

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