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A system for providing the user with healthy air.


The system, in addition to health-improving (rehabilitation after injuries and poisoning by chemical weapons), medical (burn, pulmonary, and other types of therapy) and other applications, can be used as a means of protection against chemical and other weapons of mass destruction indoors and in transport.


Any filters can be installed in the IN.AIRBOX at the request of the customer. We use certified and tested filters from reliable manufacturers.

In the military version, the supply ventilation has two inlets: one uses filters to protect against toxic substances (ODS), which are turned on when ODS are detected in the environment, and the second uses all other filters (works the rest of the time). The main point of operation is the precise interaction of air quality sensors, controller and software. That is why this installation guarantees complete protection against radiation and toxic substances, because if, due to unforeseen circumstances, the filters cannot perform their functions, they will be turned off, and the air supply from the outside will be limited until the inflow is completely sealed. The air will be supplied from cylinders or receivers, which will cause a slight increase in pressure and poisonous substances will not be able to get inside the room or transport.

In trenches, dugouts, or other non-sealed shelters, a sealed capsule tent or dome is used. One such installation can provide several capsule tents or domes (their size is determined by the customer). The place of deployment of troops does not always have sealed rooms equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation, so if there is a threat of using weapons of mass destruction (WMD), such a tent with a unit can be deployed in a trench or dugout (which are usually not sealed) and if the enemy uses WMD, the personnel can be placed in such a tent and wait out the attack.

Rehabilitation is carried out according to well-known protocols. It can be aroma, herbal, salt therapy and other types described and known. But when using the IN.AIRBOX, they will definitely have a positive effect, because the unit provides the user with the cleanest possible air and has the ability to make the most effective therapeutic mixtures with certain specified parameters such as humidity, pressure, CO2 level, and others.


  • For long-lasting and ergonomic use, the outdoor air filtration system has two air inlets. The former is equipped with carbon and other special filters to protect against toxic substances, while the latter is equipped with general-purpose air purification filters. Depending on the composition of the air outside, external sensors transmit data to the controller, which switches on the first or second direction.
  • During a chemical attack, the recirculation system is activated, sensors and the controller analyze the air quality and control its supply through the filtration unit from the outside, from a cylinder or receiver, which also creates an increase in internal pressure and prevents poisonous substances from getting inside. If the sensors outside show normal air quality, the air compressor replenishes the reserves in the receiver.
  • For use outdoors, the system provides for the use of a protective dome and an installation unit housed in a mobile housing and equipped with an autonomous power supply. Such a compact module can be used to protect personnel from exposure to toxic substances in large unsealed areas (e.g. underground parking lots, basements, industrial buildings) or in open areas (e.g. trenches, dugouts, dugouts, field hospitals).

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