Minesweeper drone

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Quadcopter, weight with metal detector coil 4 kg, flight time with one battery 30 minutes, survey area about 3000 m2.

The operator sets the angular coordinates of the territory to be surveyed in our software, launches the drone, which automatically “draws” the flight path and works along it like a “snake”, carefully scanning the territory.
When any metal-containing object is detected, the program places GPS marks on the map with a gradation of the detected size, and also records a photo/video of the surface.
As a result, the operator receives a map of the territory with information on all detected metal. This data is processed in a comfortable place, and then a group of sappers goes to this area, using standard sapper equipment, but already understanding what and where it can potentially be located in/on the ground. And it is this understanding that significantly reduces the risk to the health and life of the boys and, in the future, peaceful Ukrainians in the de-occupied areas.

Simplicity of design and components, which allows easy, quick and inexpensive repair of the system in the field. And also the low cost of the system itself.
The written software allows to minimize the participation of personnel in the work and thereby significantly reduces the requirements for operator training.
We develop a modular system that allows you to easily change media and equipment for research, depending on the tasks at hand. Our system can be installed on various mobile platforms such as aircraft, land and surface vehicles.
Our system has a wide range of applications, it allows not only to detect mines and other explosive objects, but also to investigate radiation pollution, communications and other things when changing equipment.
All information received by our systems enters a centralized database, which allows specialists to have an overall picture of mined areas, including quantitative characteristics and types of demining, as well as information on demined areas. In our plans, the integration of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of survey results, and even forecasting the danger of new territories taking into account the original research data.

Minesweeper drone

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