Mobile charging communication center Dzherelo 250 AERO

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Mobile charging communication center with direct connection and power supply to Starlink terminals

Dzherelo 250 AERO is a mobile communications center that was specially designed to support the Ukrainian military during operations. This device provides reliable communication via the Starlink network, both first and second generation. Thanks to its unique properties, it allows for coordination of actions, the use of various drones, artillery guidance and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), as well as the use of laptops in the field.
The 250 AERO source is designed to meet the widespread use of quadcopters by the Ukrainian army, which can be charged from Type-C at 100W. The device is also ideal for charging and synchronizing tablets that are actively used in military operations.
One of the key advantages of Dzherelo 250 AERO is the ability to physically disable Wi-Fi and communication equipment, which reduces the risk of detection by enemy electronic warfare stations (EWS). Thanks to this, the military can avoid detection of the Wi-Fi signal at a distance of up to 10 km. Disabling Wi-Fi and communication equipment also increases the level of security and reliability of communication.
The built-in 880 watt-hour battery, combined with the ability to charge from the mains, car, and solar panels, guarantees long battery life. This ensures stable operation of the communication center for 22 hours when using the second generation Starlink.

Source 250 AERO can be charged from:
— of the solar module “Svitanok” through the built-in connector
— 220 V network
— any 12V or 24V battery
— car through a 12 V socket “cigarette lighter”

The 250 AERO power supply features a wide range of connectors, including Type-C with 100W PD, QC 3.0, RJ45, and USB-C Ethernet, allowing you to connect and charge a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones, quadcopters, and satellite modems.
The package includes an external charger, three Type-C 100W cables, a cable and a set of adapters for connecting laptops that do not have Type-C charging capability, a cable for charging from an external 12-24V battery, and an MPPT controller for connecting solar panels up to 300W, with a charging power level indicator. This is very convenient when charging the Dzherelo 250 AERO from the solar module, the indicator allows you to set the solar panels in the optimal position for the fastest charging of the Dzherelo 250 AERO.
Source 250 AERO will become an indispensable tool for the Ukrainian military, combining practicality, reliability and safety. This mobile communications center allows the Ukrainian army to develop its effectiveness in military operations while ensuring the highest level of security and stability of communications.
The charging time of Dzherelo 250 AERO is 3.5 hours.
The body of the device is made of aluminum composite material, which consists of two layers of aluminum on a layer of plastic, and meets the requirements for strength and wear resistance of the product.

The author of the invention / company: Individual entrepreneur Sukhanov Alexey Evgenievich

— Direct connection and POE power supply for Starlink terminals.
— Starlink operates for 21 hours with a device weight of 6 kg.
— Mavic3 batteries take 1 hour to charge (40% faster than bundled charging).
— Fast charging of the station from a 220V network, solar panels, or any other batteries.
— Physically switchable WiFi network.
— Ability to simultaneously charge and power 10 devices.

Mobile charging communication center Dzherelo 250 AERO

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