Small infantry tripod

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Small infantry tripod for M2 Browning / MK19 and/or others (using adapters).

The complete product is compatible with the M2 Browning tool and is intended for tactical infantry use as well as for equipping stationary firing positions. It is easy to unfold and install, and has a standard cup-cone connection (“carrot”, “pear”, “apple”).

horizontal rotation angle: 360 deg.
vertical tilt angle: -20 deg. +20 deg.
height to the mount: 430-530 mm
Dimensions (telescopic legs min/max): 1250x1050x450 mm / 1500x1200x550 mm
total weight: 17.5 kg
equipment: tripod, cone with standard mounting, T&E mechanism

The product costs from UAH 28,900 to UAH 79,800, depending on the version and configuration.

The author of the invention / company: “MR LLC”


The product is available in several versions and configurations: with legs of fixed or adjustable length, with a standard two-axis machine gun mount (small slingshot + T&E sighting device) or a full-fledged cradle with a basket for the BC box. The structural elements are interchangeable with standard original products and can be used with other frames and equipment – high trench/antiaircraft tripods, racks in cars/pickups and turrets on armored vehicles.
The version with telescopic legs can be resized and adapted to the terrain.
With the help of cradles/adapters, it can be used with some other machine guns – DShK(M), NSV(T), PKM(T), M240, Maxima, etc., as well as with the corresponding mount – MK19 automatic grenade launcher. The rotating assembly is made in the form of a standard glass and a pintle element made on a high-precision machine from a pair of tin bronze/carbon steel, which ensures reliable operation and ease of quick installation/disassembly. The kit includes a T&E sighting mechanism.

Small infantry tripod

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