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The system automatically transmits the coordinates and flight direction of attacking drones to air defense groups.


A hardware surveillance system for detecting and signaling airspace violations by enemy Shahed 131 and 136 drones, in order to localize them and transmit the coordinates of aircraft to air defense groups and civil defense dispatchers.

How it works:

The sonar detects and determines the azimuth and elevation of a drone or a group of drones. The system automatically transmits data to air defense and civil defense teams. Since the speed of the Shaheds is about 180 km/h, if detected in time, they can be intercepted by mobile groups equipped with small arms. It may look like a kind of kamikaze drone interception line. That’s why it’s important to use acoustic systems to detect kamikaze drones and interact with an application such as “I see a drone”, where automation can detect the coordinates, direction of attack and take photos of the drones. Thus, the system automatically transmits the coordinates using the tracker and you can determine the direction of flight in advance. Such trackers have two degrees of freedom, which act as axes of rotation.


– Laboratory tests of the entire complex were conducted and options for interference immunity of the sonar platform were worked out.
– Individual components were tested at the airfield.
– As a result of the tests, the possibility of additional options has opened up. This way, the system can recognize helicopters, airplanes, and possibly missiles separately.


  • Recognize surveillance objects in real time in just a few seconds
  • Reliable technology for recognition in noisy environments
  • Written in standard C++ for maximum performance
  • API for integration


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